Brief CV

Local Producer for the serie Unreported World, Channel 4, UK
Local Executive Producer, advertisement
Local production, 1st AD, Documentary for Ushuaia Channel, France
Local production, logistics, AD, advertisement Pepsico
Local producer, mini doc, advertisement for Cadbury



For more information, please access the link:

Some of the main projects:

Field Production for the TV Programme “Extreme Fisherman” (Discovery Channel)


Fixer/ Field Production for the programme “Tales of Two Cities”, for the Singaporean TV Channel MediaCorp.

Fixer during the World Cup 2014, for the Channel 9 Australia

Fixer for the photographer Wayne Laurence, for the News Channel MNSBC

Fixer for the photographer Tony Burns (Getty Images)

Fixer for a documentary, which will be exhibited during the IOSCO 2014

Fixer for the World Press Photo winner (2009), Spencer Platt, from Getty Images.

Producer for the website of citizen journalism “Viva Favela”

05 Brazilian episodes of  the TV Program “Block Workout” (Trace Sports)

The Brazilian episode of “The Price of the Beauty”, with Jessica Simpson (VH1 Channel – USA)

The Brazilian episode of World Kitchen – NZ

99 Reasons (ARTE CHANNEL) -Monte Carlo Festival nominee, 2012

The Brazilian episodes of Gem Hunt (Travel Channel)

Fixer for Jean Chung, 2008 Perpignan Photo award winner, NY Times Journalist (TB Project and Villa Mimosa Project)

Fixer for the Photographer Sebastian Liste (NOOR)

Fixer for the Plot Magazine – Norway (Janeiro 2012: Revista Plot # 5)

Fixer for Sarah Hughes (Paris Match Editor)

Shooting in the Pantanal – Mato Grosso – Brazil

Shooting with the indians, at Xingu National Park, Amazonic Forest

Shooting in the Xingu (Indigenous tribe – Waurá)

Shooting Sports (Ipanema Beach)




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