We are based in Rio de Janeiro, having an extensive experience on film, video and photo shooting productions, organizing shootings and researches all over Brazil, from the Amazon River to the extreme south, from the urban São Paulo, to the wild Pantanal Matogrossense.

After hearing about your project, we’ll be able to offer you good ideas about how to make it happen, by suggesting you the best locations, cast and crew.

Our team of fixers also offers assistance to foreign journalists and documentary filmmakers who are trying to get a story, connecting them to the local reality, liaising with the director/executive producer, in order to target the project for coverage based on its human stories or the ‘social issues’ that it touches, in the context of the national, local news agenda and local public opinion.

Main activities:

  • Arranging local permits to obtain all the necessary clearance needed to shoot on location
  • Casting production
  • Content Research
  • Arranging visa permits for cast and crew
  • Analysing and breaking down the script, to work out a budget and schedule that suits the client
  • Advising on any legal implications regarding laws, contracts with crew members and insurance
  • Organising all the shooting logistic
  • Hiring the best possible crew for your projects and negotiating good rates
  • Booking all the required equipment for clients and conducting discussions with suppliers
  • Coordinating all hotels and travel to your shoot
  • Clearing all shipment as well as the subsequent export out of the country
  • Arranging safe shipment of exposed stock if you need to process the film overseas
  • Organising the pos- production (if required)

Main recent clients:

    • VH1 Channel
    • BBC Channel
    • PBS Channel
    • Discovery Channel
    • Travel Channel
    • TV3 Channel
    • Trace TV
    • MNSBC News
    • MediaCorp Channel
  • Front Line Defenders

Contact info:

55 21 999331-0205 (Whatsapp)

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